This is Will

Artist, Graphic Developer, Web Designer

Web Design

Creation of web applications is like creating businesses. It is a good feeling to be able to assist with someone's dream. That said, I'll do just a smippit of code, or help with outsourcing work as well. I have a good background with php so repairing Wordpress, Joomla, or eCommerce sites is easy. Also it's about security with me, with regards to malware or hippa standards.

Graphic Design

This next section was fun to do. I used a lot of back end logic to do this because I wanted to be able to drop my images in a directory and let php to the rest. The downside is you got ot wait about 15 seconds to load but this is my work and now that I set up this back end system it will be fluid as well.


This is the best fun a person can do. Helping someone with their image is a big responsibility and a process that I like to take with the client to get the best possible solution

What I do

I combine graphics with technology. From the paint brush to findinding new ways to create art and expand what is possible

Computer Graphics

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design

Web Design

Developing websites wheter it be outsource or private and implementing these applications with the hooks needed for the search engines. Specialize in Ecommerce, Wordpress, Custom sites.


I love working on Wordpress sites because it's nice and easy. I do not use nulled themes though. Themes must be bought in order to maintain the secure integrity of your site. Most themes that are free have some sort of backdoor. If you have a nulled theme, then we can change out for a good theme.

3D Design and Animation

Tools: Sketchup, 3DS Max

Great for coceptualizing a non existing production or creation of animation. I handle low end work. (which means no Animated movies).

Motion Graphics

Tools: Adobe After Effects

Love this type of work and fun to work with clients creating ideas for such. Music videos or education material.

Search Engine Optimization and Reputaion Repair

Not a marketing company but can set you up with a system that you may not need a marketing company. I think before I use aggressive spam to get a point accross. Also when sites get hijacked I can help with rebuilding your reputation.

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