About Me

I create, therefore I am. Without this my life would be empty. Music, Art, a Web Page, it is all part of the same obsession and that is to create, but not just to create for oridinary sake but to increase the bar. Breaking the rules to create new ones in programming. Always learning because it is ever so changing.

As an Artist it's not enough to stay in that confortable zone. Just because people buy your paintings doesn't mean you're good, and we are own judge and I like to think I'm hard on myself with regards to does this suck or not. I have painted over many paintings for that reason, and for that reason I love my art. As an Web Designer I tap into that artist person when I'm thinking of layout and design. However you need to put on a completly different hat when you deal with backend programming such as php. I notice the industry with all the other flavors of javascript and a multitude of plugin typse of jquery that you really don't know what you're getting. However with php it is simple with regards to getElementById. I use them both though, but when it gets to the point that you're using angular for data manipulation instead php, it's time to quit. I show my age with that statement as I realize how important time is, and I have learned so many types scripting and coding that I never have or never will use. I said it before, the coding world is so ever changing. The web world such the same. Rembered beveled edges on borders. Well at one time that was as good as it got.

Every job is it's own deal and one thing I've learned is you can't satisfy everyone and all you can do is not equivocate your values in order to compromise. Sometimes that's impossible like a client insisting the same logo, duplicated then reversed and put on the other side of the page. That incident happened a long time ago but what 've learned since then is the client was happy, and that's all that really matters in the end. One such case of not everyone happy. I was with Cadence Design in San Jose. A big companty, 10 bulidings on a campus and it was my first demo after a month of fiddling with it. It was a success and later the project was put for patent pending it was so good. However, my boss, an amazing man, engineer, very old, very wise called me in after my demo which I got a standing ovation. He said, "You look kind of happy the programming is 40k of code fat. I want you to get down to 10.

At first I thought he was joking and as I remember I didn't get much sleep that week. The next week he got back from New York and I was 5k short of the goal. He did not even smirk he took the work back to his motel that night and got it down to 10k and then goaded me about it the next day like a teenager. This man is definitlty one of the smartest humans I've ever met. Through him I learned more about professionalism than I ever did in my entire career. I hope him a great deal.