We are born and we die artists. Everything starts out as art. Be it a design of a paper clip, or hieroglyphics giving us knowledge of ancient history, it is an illustration. It is not cliché when it is true... Everyone is an artist.

I spent my life using programming to draw art. As an engineer ui/ux person you soon discover that supercomputer control boards do not have much memory and you learn creative ways to give the user a pleasant experience. Not just photo or 3D editing but using mathematical expressions to create a truly unique types of art. Or using css or xml to create the vectors you need.

I was asked at my last position to create an interface that would help the engineers to do their work.

problems were not a lot of ram so i was not allowed to run mysql on the system. instead I used a semicolon text file data base, and used php multidimensional loops to process the commands. the supercomputer outputted everything into this database with regards to the operation an diagnosis. using css with php i created a system that would diagnose a super computer in a little more than a glance. the database files were archived to allow a visual vcr interface to show that yes that battery was failing on October 2,nd and look at these temperature reading.

css allowed to create the images needed and the data was run through the css created images. this new interface saved thousand of engineering hours and marketing loved me in the meetings.

i have always had an art studio. i believe that there is no difference between what you do and who you are.

my art training started when I had my first studio in the Helms Bakery of Los Angeles. I started out designing 3D images way before the software, but when the software first I was in the front of the line. I was lucky to get a job that allowed me to work with Maya on an SGI computer.

In the engineering world I'm a UI/UX Architect for web applications and android apps. I embrace both my right and left brain and find myself using one to enhance the other. But there's nothing better than paint.

I had always played with paint, but you just can't play with paint. You need to immerse yourself in it to discover who you are as an artist. You need time to stare at a canvas. Often I will practice my guitar while staring at the painting. Waiting for that epiphany of inspiration to come.

With over 30 years digital experience of one form or another, I brought the artistic aesthetic with me with regards to colors, layers, textures, and shapes. Working in the 3D world taught me lighting, altering shapes, and perspectives.

With a paint brush there is no undo. Could you imagine if computers didn't have the undo. Every week a graphic company would fold. That is the big difference between digital and painting. But I love putting paint on a canvas because it is not perfect and it is flawed and when I paint all I'm doing is putting the flaws in the right places.

I have shown my Art in Rhinebeck and Woodstock, New York. Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara.

I thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy the art...

Will Galzerano