Most of my work has been done for corporations and most of it is support, maybe doing one aspect of a bigger site. Especially in the early years. I really can't display these sites as they are too big and involve many more people of which I was not the project manager or team leader. The sites I include are projects where I was the team leader. The websites included on this list are here because they have an aspect that needs to be revealed to understand my system for UI/UX and web design. Some are legacy, some are current, and some are defunct. The one's not listed are not listed because the client don't want it listed or the client insisted on a design element that goes against the hueristic rules. Currently I have 3 sites sites finishing development and when I get over loaded I hire someone to help me and I take on the project manager hat. For the most part, the buck stops with me.If I have a deadline on a job I needed to outsource then I don't go to sleep till it's done. A big lesson I was taught along the way is using as little code as possible to get the job done. A littl story. Once upon a time an elite boss. Worked for IBM for 20 years and Cadence another 20 years. I presented my demo in a meeting filled with people with thicker glasses than I. Once I presented it, it was like I was a hero. I was on cloud nine. After the meeting my boss called me into his office and brought me down to earth. He said, "Good work, but not good enough. You are at 17,000 lines of code, I wanted it cut in half by the end of the week." It was a super computer emulator, told all the problems and there were so many lines because I anticipated 10 rack system. I had written a block of code for the same rack. A rack could be different too. It might be aircooled or watter cooled which meant there were less drawers in the air cooled system and many more variables. So I took out ten blocks of code,and kept one block to refer, and created I like of code that would support an infinite amount of racks. By the end of the week the project was 5000 lines and it was better. Unfortunatly no one knew except my boss and all he said was, that's better, and then proceeded to give me another dificult task.
This is the most involved site I have ever worked on. Cadence Design from San Jose California hired me to create an interface from their supercomputers to a graphical system that can monitor and be used as a tool to repair these systems. From the very beginnin
Rock-it Pocket was my second big client. I built his first site that put him on the map. It's been over twenty years so I don't
The first artist site I worked on done with WordPress. The artist died the site does not exist anymore.
I keep this site on here to remind me never take on a client like this. He took 100's of my hours and did not pay.
This was a template I created for all the client sites for this particular customer. Done with raw html code, nothing special... Bootstrap css and javascript.
My first site for the movie industry tried to get an extension of their movie with this site. Was supposed to be a forum, however the project was never green lighted.
Another part of the site above and also was stopped in development because the movie project was cancelled.

I created this site in Flash for Feed the Children. It's been disbanded but I still have it on my server, here. It raised a lot of money for Feed the Children.
A straight wordpress site. The company went out of business
This was the company site that I did the UI on and created the custom WordPress Theme for the site.
Soometimes my clients get married and becomee housewives and this was the case here, however while she was going I put her on the map with the SEO skills.
This company did not las either and the website did not have any effect as the product was not good and no one bought it so the client folded.

Another legacy site.
This is an app that's currently in construction.
This app is working and a personal app I created, however I never published it on Google Play because it had bugs and I didn't have the time to fix those bugs as this is a non billable hour app. I can present it if asked.
The client wanted edgy and they liked what I gave them on this.
When I worked in corporate america I didn't need a site so I created this for my music.
This was a Polyosity project I was the team leader and UI/UX Designer that we did for Vandenburg Air Force Base
This was fully functioned site. I designed the UI and did SEO
SEO and repairs on this site.
When I was with Cadence the web team invited me to help with the UI and we revamped it to this.
I did the revamping and did the SEO on this site. Both and the
I retrofitted and still do the SEO on this site. Currently Karen has me on retainer.
I did the bootstrap work for the mobile and put this site on the map.

I needed the work so I took on a squarespace site and did the SEO for this client which gets her a lot of work.
Another corporate site where I was the UI/UX architect and team leader.
This was the first site I ever worked on. 25 years ago, my partner did the website and I created the scheduling system using perl.
Peace from Change is being retrofitted to something bigger right now, but before it was supporting techies without borders who support doctors without borders.