Corporate Work

I miss the silicon valley. Everyone you meet is not only in the business but a big player in the buisness. These people you meet at coffee shops and you would never know who they are. For me it's where my celebrities are.

I had the great fortune to work and associate myself with great companies and bring back with me, project management skills that gives me a better focus on what I do and how important it is that is done right.

The ability to learn from multiple people honed my skills to a more practacal type of aplication. My goal is to bring this type of excelence to small companies and individuals.

Local work is a mix bag. You really can't show all of it because sometimes you are just a small part of the puzzle. Also some clients businesses just don't work out with no problem it's just that these days people jump a step. The first thought in starting a business is that it is important to get a web site going. Before the web the first thing people did was build a business plan and I think that is still important that you know what to do and it really lays out what you have to do.

My favorite question to ask any client is, Why would somebody want to come to your website? Whatever that answer is really paints the picture on what the viewer first see's. So you address the viewers needs, and then you make it easy for them to reach those needs.

There's a lot of thought that goes into a web page and if you don't do it right you can fail.

Local Work

Most of the time it's all about that,and an education for the client. If they like it or not I speak geek speak which is speech without pulling punches. The Goal is to get you a really good tool to help you with your business.

Legacy Work

My old partner and I hit the internet with both feet in. My first professional big job was to write a scheduling system for there online pressence. This was written in perl and delivered through the cgi=bin, old school..

Flip Naumburg of Rock-it Pocket was one of the first lacrosse companies to have their product on the web. Now nearly 90% of Flips sales comes from the web.

Non-Profit Work

Feet the Children was a good site except for one thing, I built it with flash so when Flash went bye bye so did the site. After all the work I put in that site I wasn't about to put the same work into another site so now it is abandoned.

Peace from Change was a personal project where we supported Doctors Without Borders with tech support. We had problems along the Somalia border with Kenya and now the project is no more.


I have not done a lot in this catagory however have made a couple. I am looking forward also for the situation where I can use phone gap to make an App

Though I love the programming, I am looking to design and structure the app

Outsourcing and Contract

This is what I mostly do, the heavy lifting. This might not look like much but it is a patent pending system that connected a super computer with the world of html. This tool enabled their company to diagnose a big computer at a glance and have it fixed within 24 hours. A big change as before it was a one to two month process.